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Aspire encourage feedback from people who have experienced our services. Feedback includes:

"Working with Aspire, things have changed a lot. I’ve got a house, I’ve registered with a GP. I’ve never been to a dentist but now I have started to get dental treatment. This is all thanks to the support I receive and my increase in confidence.  Getting the house means a lot to me, it will be great to have my own space and independence and living with no rules…..well only my own rules. 

I used to use drugs but I’ve not taken “prop” for 13 weeks now and it feels great. I feel brilliant.

I enjoy the structure of the support I’m getting.  I know now that I can achieve anything and that anything is possible.  My literacy is improving and I’m working on this daily with Aspire even though I don’t even realise it.

I like gardening and I will enjoy spending time in both my front and back gardens of my own home"

"Staff helped with everything I needed help with. I used Ipad for Scottish welfare fund"

"Staff were great, Friendly supportive. The building was secure and flat was good. No complaints"

"Aspire provided me with a beneficial insight into homelessness and the various issues that affect our supported individuals"

"All of the staff were friendly and helpful towards me during my time at QMD and provided me with the opportunities to learn more about homelessness and achieve my Learning Objectives"  

"My Link Worker, Maxine, was extremely helpful and always had time to explain things thoroughly. I couldn’t have asked for better Link Worker!"

"Happy with everything staff have done to help"

"Very professional and polite"

"Really enjoyed today [Celtic Lunch]. Thanks to all the staff, it was really appreciated"

"The staff were above reproach, they were helpful. Staff made my stay safe and comfortable, they are always available even for the smallest of problems, they were also polite and attentive to all our needs"

"Staff do a great service for the people, very supportive towards myself and other individuals"

"Appreciated the work and support that staff do with the individuals at the service. Feel as though staff supply care and understanding, willing to take time out for a chat when feeling down. Not enough words to express my gratitude towards the staff"

"The staff were very helpful, considerate treating myself with kindness and a positive attitude which rubbed of on myself"

"The accommodation and facilities were excellent, it was the best temporary accommodation that I have ever stayed in"

"I feel that this establishment could not run any more successfully, than it already is, I really enjoyed my stay here at Aspire, I thought the staff were brilliant, the rooms excellent and spotless. Support and service was amazing. I would recommend"