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Aspire encourage feedback from people who have experienced our services. Feedback includes:

"The council has now set me up at Aspire, it’s brilliant.  Whatever is going on for me, I can go in and talk. The staff just want the best for me – staff go above and beyond. My life has turned around massively. This is one of the good places." [Extract of interview with Angela Keen, a recovering drug addict who has been in and out of Glasgow’s homeless system in recent years.  Reported in the Evening Times Article ‘Brutal reality of Glasgow's 'uninhabitable' temporary homeless accommodation revealed’ Evening Times, Oct 2019]

"I really just wanted to convey a very big thank you to yourself and the whole staff team for your commitment to the people you have supported over the years the service has been in operation. There have been a huge amount of people supported to better outcomes and lifestyles and this could not have happened without the good will, tolerance and effort of the support teams involved." [Commissioner feedback, Sept 2019]

“Robyn [HR Administrator] was really helpful and friendly. On the phone too she was always really cheerful and helped me a lot with anything I needed. The contact through email was great and I was kept up to date. She was great to talk to no problems at all” [Successful new start speaking at Induction, Sept 2019]

“I feel like I was talking to a family member, they told me not to worry and that they would do anything they could to help. Hazel [HR Administrator] emailed me to keep in touch, ask how I was doing, how my family was doing, she was praying for me and my family. I couldn’t believe it, it’s like I have been working here for years the way they have treated me. I felt at home all the time here. Cammei [L&D Facilitator] took me to the side and understood how much pain I was in, he was so sympathetic it was so lovely” [Successful new employee speaking at Induction, following the passing of her mother in the previous month, Sept 2019]

“You have all been very straight up since the start, and very helpful. Hazel [HR Administrator] has kept in touch loads I feel like I was talking to a friend, like somebody who knew me. Even when coming here [to induction] you [L&D Facilitator] have been great. I can’t fault it. I liked that there was only one person in the interview, it wasn’t as bad as 2 or 3 people. Kirsty [Interviewer] was so friendly.” [Successful new start speaking at Induction, Sept 2019]

“Kirsty [Interviewer] was so relaxed and friendly, I felt like I could speak freely; she really did put me at ease especially since I’ve not been at an interview in a long time. The communication has honestly been second to none, I wasn’t left waiting on updates, it’s been great." [Successful new start speaking at Induction, Sept 2019]

"Grateful for the level of support and care that had been shown to the supported individual. Staff have gone above and beyond to support and encourage to keep his flat within the service and not divert back to rough sleeping." [Care Manager/Addictions Social Worker, Sept 2019]

Five months ago Aspire came into my life, to assist me getting my life on track. Alcohol was my fix, I was a mess; myself, my house, my bills were not paid, I was not eating properly – everything was a disaster, I called it Beirut. I woke up one morning feeling hellish, this time I still had vodka but I didn’t touch it. I decided enough was enough. The friends I mixed with were also drinkers so I was fine, or so I thought. I poured the vodka down the drain, although I still felt awful I tried to tidy up, but it didn’t happen. I was sick and tired of the mess I was in.

My social worker appeared - I think she was sick of me and trying to help me, and fed up of me telling her to F/off and keep out of my business. She contacted Aspire who came into my life. They helped clean up, as no one else was prepared to help. They helped me with post; lawyer’s letters which hadn’t been opened, bills which were unpaid. I had so many missed appointments that I hadn’t bothered with. Aspire helped me through assisting me with outstanding bills and rent arrears which were overdue. Due to all of the above I was facing eviction from my home and court proceedings had started. My benefits had been sanctioned and I needed to apply for Universal Credit which I wasn’t in a position to manage, this was assisted by social work and universal credit and I know have the correct benefits in place. Aspire intervened with follow ups in case I wasn’t coping. Court process because of anti-social behaviour is impending, and I am due to be evicted but I’m not on my own, Aspire are still with me, whereas others gave up – doctors, family, friends.

My life now is good, I’m in a good place. I made peace with my family and doctor. Aspire supported me with dissolving my drinking den, now there is peace and quiet. Aspire came to visit for the doctors, hospital, shopping and rehab meetings. I dread to think where I would have been without them.

I am now awaiting a date to move into my new accommodation….my new journey.  Thank you all [Supported Individual, Sept 2019]

"Thanks Hazel ............ if I get this job I’ll owe you a big drink for all your help. You have a great weekend." [Service Coordinator candidate prior to interview, Sept 2019]

"My time at aspire made me feel safe and I learned no matter how proud u are in urself if u ask the staff they will help no matter what your situation may be as I am not a good reader or writer and was a bit embarrassed to ask but I had to and when I had to fill out forms or read mail they would help me most of all I learned hat there are people who care and I would like to thank everyone from aspire for making me welcome and getting me from were I was to were I am now thank you." [QMD resident, who has moved on to his own tenancy, Sept 2019]

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note in relation to our 2 mutual patients that have recently had IP stays in the QEUH as I have been hugely impressed by the carers that have been in with the patients and grateful if you could pass my thanks on to the care teams.  Thank you for your help and support in developing such excellent care teams for our mutual patients."  [Senior Consultant, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH), Aug 2019]......................................

......"I would just want to reiterate from a HSCP perspective that we too have also been very impressed by the service to date and the standards that your staff team have maintained in relation to the care and support of these 2 individuals."  [East Renfrewshire Health & Social Care Partnership, Sept 2019]

"Will always remember my placement and all I learned whilst on placement at copland, through out my social work career."  [Placement, who choose to then work sessional hours with Aspire, Aug 2019]   

"Awwww thanks for the nomination, very much appreciated. Made a happy employee even happier."  [Aspire West employee after receiving Employee of the Month, July 2019]

"....she hasn’t been involved in anything like this before, so it will maybe be taking her a bit of time to adjust. You have been amazing with her, I can’t thank you enough. [Social Worker for person being supported by Aspire on an Outreach Short Term Intervention package, July 2019].

I have to say you are so efficient, very impressed! I got my welcome pack in the post today, wow” [Successful candidate interviewed 10th July 2019, contacted HR Administrator 11th July 2019]

"Happy with everything staff have done to help".  "Very professional and polite." [Resident, April 2019]

Aspire are a valued placement provider for Scottish Drugs Forum’s award winning, Addiction Worker Training Project (AWTP). The AWTP supports people in recovery from drug and alcohol problems to work in social care through a unique package of paid work placements, specialist training and vocational learning.  

"My placement at Aspire has been brilliant.  The second I walked through the door I was made to feel very much a part of the team and have always been treated as a staff member and not a student. All the workers within Aspire have been very supportive and the additional training I have been given here has been very good.  I highly recommend it as a placement." [AWTP Trainee, April 2019]

"Aspire provided me with a beneficial insight into homelessness and the various issues that affect our supported individuals.  All of the staff were friendly and helpful towards me during my time at QMD and provided me with the opportunities to learn more about homelessness and achieve my Learning Objectives. My Link Worker, Maxine, was extremely helpful and always had time to explain things thoroughly. I couldn’t have asked for better Link Worker!" [Social Work Student, May 2019]

"Staff helped with everything I needed help with. I used Ipad for Scottish welfare fund." [Apr 2019]

"Staff were great, Friendly supportive. The building was secure and flat was good. No complaints." [Apr 2019]

"Really enjoyed today [Celtic Lunch]. Thanks to all the staff, it was really appreciated." [Apr 2019]

"The staff were above reproach, they were helpful. Staff made my stay safe and comfortable, they are always available even for the smallest of problems, they were also polite and attentive to all our needs."

"Staff do a great service for the people, very supportive towards myself and other individuals."

"Appreciated the work and support that staff do with the individuals at the service. Feel as though staff supply care and understanding, willing to take time out for a chat when feeling down. Not enough words to express my gratitude towards the staff."

"The staff were very helpful, considerate treating myself with kindness and a positive attitude which rubbed of on myself."

"The accommodation and facilities were excellent, it was the best temporary accommodation that I have ever stayed in."

“The support from Aspire staff has made me look at my life in a different way and helps me know I’m not the only one struggling with this lifestyle and that things do get better.”

"I feel that this establishment could not run any more successfully, than it already is, I really enjoyed my stay here at Aspire, I thought the staff were brilliant, the rooms excellent and spotless. Support and service was amazing. I would recommend."

"I became homeless April 2017. My very 1st time being homeless. I suffer from medical probs etc. and went into the homeless casework team and they wanted to put me in a hostel, but I said No, because I feared for my life in a hostel, so they put me in a B&B for the first night and there was nowhere to go. The following night I was sleeping in a caravan which was full of dampness and mould etc.

So I went back the following day and they said to me they had a room at Aspire.

I was panicking at the time as I was thinking it would be full of “junkies and alkies” that are out their face etc. But I got there and met staff. They were fantastic to me on the day. I met some of the residents that have been in here and it was not as I expected it to be. I get on great with the residents that have been in here and managed to make a few new friends which I get on well with but Aspire have been very supportive to me." [2017]

I was a volunteer in Aspire for nearly a year and I really enjoy it. I’ve built up great relationships with the staff team and the women I support. It has also been great for my personal growth in my own recovery. My life experience is my greatest asset today and I can use this experience to help other’s recover from similar life experiences. I feel supported in my role and feel very much a part of Aspire. I am so grateful for being given this opportunity in my life. I feel I have grown in confidence and belief that I really can make a difference to people who use services.
I have assisted in individuals going to recovery cafes, NA meetings, short term detox and actually just talking about life in recovery with people who would never have thought it was possible for them. As you can see, it is, and I’m living proof.
[Peer Support volunteer]

"I appreciate the things that the Aspire has done for me.  I have learned a lot from all the other people that attend the Aspire peer recovery group. I have seen in the weeks how it has been helping people within the group. I don't know what people would do without this help, and I for one am very grateful for the support."