Aspire Housing & Personal Development


Are you interested in an exciting and rewarding career in social care? 


Aspire aims to deliver the highest possible standards of person-centred care and support to adults, older people, young people and children and families in Scotland.  In Aspire, volunteers are a major resource and make a vital contribution to our aim outlined above. We intend to encourage, develop and support volunteer involvement in our work in which volunteers are already important stakeholders. In doing so we recognise that the roles of volunteers will complement and not replace the roles of paid employees. The time, energy and skills offered by our volunteers benefits our work and help us to achieve our aims. Experience has shown that volunteering also brings benefits to volunteers themselves and to those with whom they work.

In Aspire, a volunteer is understood to be a person who does voluntary work on our behalf. It is undertaken by choice and it is unpaid. Aspire undertakes to organise it effectively.

Aspire believes that our relationship with our volunteers is one of mutual responsibility and commitment, within which Aspire and our volunteers both have rights and responsibilities. We hope that volunteers will enjoy their involvement and gain from it in terms of their own personal objectives.

Aspire has a working relationship with New College Lanarkshire and Clyde College.

Aspire has supported students to obtain a range of Social Care Qualifications and our commitment is further recognised by our high employment rate of students who undertake placements with us.