Everyone deserves the best chance they can get.

All of our efforts are focused on ensuring each individual has the best opportunities to develop more confidence and skills to live as fulfilling and self-directed a life as possible, with a rightful place alongside fellow citizens in the community.

Feedback includes:

"....G was admitted safely to Mearns House yesterday. This was a smooth transition and we are privileged to be in a position to be part of the support mechanism for G and his family.
All staff members from Aspire were fantastic, and I would like to say a special thank you to Sally, Maxine and Alexis for how professional, compassionate and supportive you all were in this process, not only to G and his loved ones, but to the staff at Mearns House and we look forward to continue to work in partnership. [Mearns House Manager and Consultant, Dec 2019]

"The council has now set me up at Aspire, it’s brilliant.  Whatever is going on for me, I can go in and talk. The staff just want the best for me – staff go above and beyond. My life has turned around massively. This is one of the good places."  [Extract of interview with A Keen, a recovering drug addict who has been in and out of Glasgow’s homeless system in recent years.  Reported in the Evening Times Article ‘Brutal reality of Glasgow's 'uninhabitable' temporary homeless accommodation revealed’ Evening Times, Oct 2019]

"I really just wanted to convey a very big thank you to yourself and the whole staff team for your commitment to the people you have supported over the years the service has been in operation. There have been a huge amount of people supported to better outcomes and lifestyles and this could not have happened without the good will, tolerance and effort of the support teams involved." [Commissioner feedback, Sept 2019]

"Grateful for the level of support and care that had been shown to the supported individual. Staff have gone above and beyond to support and encourage to keep his flat within the service and not divert back to rough sleeping." [Care Manager/Addictions Social Worker, Sept 2019]

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