Covid-19 - Aspire continues to work closely with all councils, staff & supported people to minimise disruption wherever possible.

Everyone deserves the best chance they can get.

All of our efforts are focused on helping staff, their families and of course supported people to have the most fulfilling and self-directed lives possible. And, to help people develop their confidence and skills, realising their potential and their rightful place as fellow citizens in our communities.   

 Aspire is proud to have been part of the group that won the 10 year contract in 2020 to end homelessness in Glasgow.


Our aims are to:

  • Reduce the number of people who experience homelessness via improved prevention activity
  • Reduce the amount of time people are in homeless services via more efficient and effective systems in better environments
  • Reduce the number of people who experience cyclical homelessness via better systems and improved joint working across all organisations
  • Improve the life outcomes for people who have been or are homeless as determined by those receiving support

The experience of homelessness can be very debilitating and traumatic.  We want to help people live as independent a life as possible.  To help people realise their full potential and optimise their life chances, wherever we provide support.


I just want to thank you for Taylor [*] during the day Tuesday and Wednesday and Jean [*] for Tuesday night and Wednesday night they were both brilliant made it so much easier for me when I had my [hospital procedure].  Thank you again. 

[Supported Person, FM, Feb 2022] [*Aspire Central Support Workers]

I would just like to pass on that when I was at moving and handling training today the trainer spoke very, very highly of Aspire. I would just like to thank everyone at Aspire for such a lovely welcome. I've only been on the team 2 weeks, and I feel part of the Aspire Team. The training and support have been fantastic. Agnes [Central Coordinator] has been at the end of a phone. All the support workers I've met are 100% dedicated and are amazing. The clients and their families have been very welcoming too. 

[New employee JH, Jan 2022]

OT [Supported Person] has a great bond/relationship developing with Fiona and Megan [Aspire Central Support Workers] which is endearing. 

[Verbal compliment from Supported Persons mum, Jan 2022]

Her [Supported Person] family spoke with me yesterday and noted that they have developed a very positive working relationship with Megan [Aspire Central Support Worker] and feel that she brings the right attitude, values and energy to support with O [Supported Person]. Having briefly met Megan in December whilst visiting O and family I was also impressed with her enthusiasm towards support. I know it’s a challenging time to deliver social care just now so hopefully this positive feedback will be helpful. 

[Social Worker, Barrhead Locality Team, East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership, Jan 2022]

 "a wee thank you for all the support you and your team are giving to the client’s currently in the Copland. The support you all offer to the clients is invaluable whilst also working with our most complex clients. Excellent work this week supporting MR to move from Copland to TFF which went a lot more smoothly due to your support. Thanks again.

[JC, Complex Needs Social Care Worker (Homelessness), North East Community Homeless Team, Glasgow City HSCP, Nov 2021]

"Aspire must be very proud to have such dedicated and caring staff. It is very humbling."

[Senior Manager in Homelessness Services Aug 2021]


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