Aspire is now 21 years of age!

I founded this organisation in 2002 with the view that it would be an inclusive organisation dedicated to promoting the development of individuals with support needs to enjoy living their lives as independently as possible as citizens in mainstream communities.

In this we have been very successful and that has been due to the unstinting commitments of our employees working in West & Central Scotland. They have truly helped numerous people to turn their lives around. Many of those supported individuals have taken up employment with Aspire and use their experience for the benefit of those to whom they now provide support services.

In 2019, Aspire furthered its commitment to those whom we employ when we evolved into an employee-owned organisation. This reinforces the ethos across the organisation that we are all in this together, working for the benefit of the supported individuals whose interests we are ultimately here to serve.

I am deeply grateful to our employees throughout Aspire and to our partners in Social Work & Health and other like-minded community support organisations for their support in helping transform so many lives for the better.

Peter Millar, Founder

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