Deserving Frontline Worker - Congratulations Helen

Helen McMillan has only been employed as a support worker with Aspire for a few months. Alongside her full-time job with Aspire, Helen leads a group of volunteers (Help the Homeless Glasgow).  Some examples of what she has done are listed below:

  • Set up a small group where they cook homemade hot food and deliver this across Glasgow.
  • Support rough sleepers during the night in the centre of Glasgow every weekend.
  • Helped many people with furnishings at short notice who are moving out of homeless services into their own homes.
  • Despite having to work from home just now, Helen is phoning and keeping in regular contact with her supported individuals and helping out in an admin capacity.
  • Helen is continuing to coordinate the group and all hot meals and resources including access to PPE and funds are being distributed to our homeless services.


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