Thank you for your donation!

In Charlene's own words

"This money was originally raised for a trip I was going on to Cambodia in Africa, unfortunately due to the Covid-19 this was withdrawn. I was going away to work and learn about Human trafficking as in Cambodia they have a centre where women or men can attend and stay and work on how to get out of human trafficking. I received this opportunity through my church that I attend.  

I raised £1401.99, which I decided I would like it to go to 2 different organisations or Charities that would benefit from this, and Aspire was one of those places especially the Travelodge.

So I would like to give £701.99 to Aspire at the Travelodge. I would like this to be spent on items of clothing for guests who come with only the clothes they have on them and Toiletries and any other Essential items that are needed for the men and women. I hope this money helps in anyway it can within the service.

Thanks again for accepting this."

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