Exciting, good news stories within the Paisly Road West Service

• A supported individual recently obtained her Food Hygiene certificate.
• Move-on plans are materialising for several supported individuals:
• A couple are getting their own Temporary Furnished Flat (TFF) in a chosen area.
• An individual moved into his own tenancy and is talking about coming back on a voluntary basis in 2 years’ time. Another supported Individual is getting their own tenancy next to support network.
• One individual was accepted into the Crisis Centre and is doing well, another Supported Individual is going into rehab shortly and there is someone moving on to resettlement.
• PRW held a positive wellbeing event for staff during mental health week.
• PRW have hosted 2 recovery & mental health expert talks.
• Weekly trips to local recovery cafe.

• Compliment from a Supported Individual: - "Sean & all the staff in the service have been great for me, I like that I get plenty of support as I haven't had that in other accommodation”.

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