Latest updates!

Covid 19 – big changes introduced yesterday re hairdressers, pubs, eating out etc which is great.  Please stay vigilant and take care of yourselves, your families and those we support as the virus hasn’t gone away.  We’re planning to have a small amount of staff in the support hub from Tuesday next week to try to get back some type of normality.  All changes need to be thought through as we want to minimise risk wherever possible.

Backdated Salary – the Scottish Govt supported a 3.3% wage rise for frontline staff, increasing the hourly rate from £9.00 to £9.30.  All the local authorities we work with have confirmed this (a couple of smaller issues to be sorted).  We will pay the uplift with backdated pay at the end of this month.

I want to specifically thank Maureen Young for working really hard to get this through before she went on holiday from everyone and Debbie Elrick for her various supports around finance.

Accommodation services - We’re just about at the signing stage for the Glasgow Alliance to End Homelessness 10 year contract which will hopefully be done by the end of this month.  We have been asked to increase the number of beds supported in the Travelodge  from 25 to 50 within the next couple of weeks to help meet demands on homeless services.  Thanks to everyone involved in this, feedback has been great so far.

Central Services – recent compliment from South Lanarkshire social worker for ARBI services ‘I really can’t praise some of the work that has been done by ASPIRE highly enough – especially in the likes of HM, A did such a good job in there and always presented so well when she came along to the meetings’.

West Services – Dawn Dempsey has left to take up another role.  I’m sure we all wish her luck in her future career.

Website – please read the news section of the website for updates.

Holiday Weekend – tomorrow and Monday are pubic holidays.  The support hub will be closed and contact information will be put on the out of office message. 


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