Recognising Service Lead & Developer - Leeanne

Always important to be there for staff as well as the individuals we have the pleasure to support.

"... a massive thank you to Leeanne, who has been a rock to me throughout this year.  I have called on her on numerous occassions with tears and snotters, and no matter how busy that woman has been, [she] has given up time to talk to me on the phone, always asking if there was anything she could do or Aspire to help me.

The best step I have taken through this difficult time, was returning to work and keeping busy. Her work is probably going unnoticed, but I for one found Leeanne a great big help through this journey, she really is the best, caring manager we have ever had.

I am a happy worker, knowing my manager is behind me with help at all times." [Support Worker, West Services, Oct 2023]

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