PPE for staff

Some of the things we’ve been able to source this week:

  • 3000 masks – unsure when these will arrive
  • 150 high spec masks have just been received as a gift from Debbie Elrick [HR Manager] brother in law – hugely generous gift
  • 220 face visors from 4 different schools, businesses, community spaces - also gifted (or at very nominal cost). 
  • 200 goggles (from SG)

Following liaison with Lanarkshire Health Board we are able now to put in referrals for consideration for Covid 19 testing.  This has been sent onto senior staff so if there are staff who feel they have symptoms, this should be completed for Lanarkshire HB area.

This has also been raised with Glasgow Council reps and they are looking to do similar activity in Glasgow. Information will be passed on when received. 

This is a particularly difficult time for people but there’s a huge amount of generosity taking place with people delivering food to our homeless units, volunteers driving staff to and from work, the free equipment we’re getting etc.

Thank you to everyone.


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