The Year That Has Been

A fitting time to reflect the year, on this oor Hogmanay,

Of a year so full of sorrow, sadness and plenty of dismay,

Some say that 2020 is to go down as the worst year ever,

But I’m sure we can all look back of good times that we can treasure,

We quizzed on Zoom with family and friends, with a wee tipple in our hand,

We’ve holidayed in our beautiful and stunning country, our very own Scotland,

We’ve helped our older neighbours, who struggled even more,

By helping out with shopping, dropping off at their front door,

For all our frontline workers, we showed our appreciation,

We clapped and cheered together, united as a nation,

A year so tough, we’ve shown our strength,

Even if it’s been at an arms length,

Like in tradition of years gone by,

We will wish this year a nod goodbye,

As the midnight bells of the new year chime,

We’ll raise a toast to better times,

2021 is the year we can hug, kiss and visit again,

Being there for each other and healing the pain,

Make your resolutions wisely; health and happiness to seek,

A happy new year one and all, lang my yer lum reek

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