Updated Government Covid Guidance

Beds in the NHS are already under huge pressure as is the ambulance service.  Many of you will have heard of very long waits for ambulances and sadly people have died because of the delay in the ambulances arriving in time.  These pressures are a direct result of covid combined with normal winter pressures.

We all need to keep doing the right thing.  We see that happening every day and are hugely appreciative of all your efforts.

Most recent guidance states:

Social care staff who are household or passing contacts of covid-19 positive cases, are exempt from the requirement to self-isolate for 10 days when they:

  • are double-vaccinated
  • have no symptoms of covid and remain asymptomatic
  • undertake a PCR test (which shows a negative test result before returning to work)
  • undertake daily LFD testing for the remainder of the 10 day period
  • An important addition to this is that staff must be double vaccinated and had their booster

In accordance with the terms of existing government policy and the new addition, staff are ordinarily expected to return to work if they meet the conditions above and comply with the testing requirements set out.

Where conditions cannot be fulfilled for exemption as a close contact (e.g. the staff member is not doubly vaccinated, has had their booster, do not have a negative PCR result, decline a PCR test or they have COVID symptoms) the staff member must not attend for work and is expected to complete self-isolation for 10 days following exposure. For every member of staff who isn’t vaccinated or has received their booster, they put increased pressure onto their colleagues and put vulnerable people at risk.

I know that all of you care deeply about your family and the people you help and want to do the best for them. 

Please help us to help them by getting your vaccine/booster and stay safe.

Ruth McIntyre


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