We really do have wonderful staff at Aspire!!

From Charles, support worker and colleague of Charlene:

'May I say how pleased I am to see this nomination. There is no one I have met, in any of the Aspire Services, more deserving of this nomination than Charlene. I have had the absolute privilege of working with Charlene on several shifts and she is one of the most selfless, knowledgeable, devoted and dedicated people I have ever worked with anywhere. Charlene, and of course many of the other dedicated staff and management, who are similarly devoted to the company, are the reason I myself have chosen to come to Aspire, and why I intend to stay with the Aspire family. Charlene is a true champion.

If there is anything I can do in support of this wonderful nomination I would consider it an honour to support it in any way I can.'


Thanks again Charles for such touching words.

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