About Aspire

Our Aims & Objectives


As a human potential organisation we aim to work with people, supporting them both individually and collectively, in recognising and using the resources they have available to them in jointly creating solutions for each unique situation - thereby assisting them to pursue and achieve their aspirations and live their lives as fully as possible.   In upholding basic human rights and providing better outcomes for the people we work alongside, Aspire also acknowledges and will promote the ‘ripple effect’ whereby positive changes in a person's quality of life, skills, confidence and self-esteem will have wider beneficial consequences for communities and ultimately society as a whole.

In line with the Care Inspectorate’s published Health and Social Care Standards we will maintain the principles of; dignity and respect, compassion, inclusion, responsive care and support and wellbeing.


People in respect of whom we provide developmental care and support will:

  • experience a high quality living environment and where possible be supported to remain as citizens in their own homes/neighbourhoods, using mainstream community services and facilities as far as possible, always in accordance with their wishes;
  • be treated as individuals who have unique needs and ambitions;
  • meaningfully participate in an assessment of their needs, aspirations, in jointly formulating their unique personalised outcomes-based support plan, ensuring they are fully involved in all decisions about their care and support;
  • have their personal independence and choices promoted towards maintaining their chosen lifestyle;
  • have their personal dignity and privacy respected;
  • have their social, religious, cultural and emotional needs respected;
  • participate in regular reviews of their needs and aspirations and be able to express their opinions and give feedback on the service they receive – and for those opinions/feedback to be fully taken into account;
  • be confident in the attitudes and behaviour, skills, knowledge, experience and professional commitment of the staff providing their developmental support;
  • be confident in, and satisfied by, the services provided by Aspire;
  • have their strengths and abilities recognised within an asset-based approach in Aspire’s provision of developmental support;
  • have access to advocacy and representation as appropriate.

To empower and work in partnership with people, groups, communities and other stakeholders we have:

  • A Charter of Rights
  • An outcomes-based developmental support planning Framework (‘Better Futures’).
  • A Range of Quality/Evaluation Tools. 
  • Participation Forums for people receiving support and/or their families.
  • Safe Recruitment and staff selection arrangements that fully involve supported people.

To ensure that all staff understand and implement our values and aims we provide:

  • A Website giving information about our Values and Aims (www.aspireinc.co.uk).
  • An Information Pack for applicants seeking employment with Aspire and discussion during recruitment and selection.
  • Induction & ongoing training. 
  • Supervised Practice.
  • An Employee Handbook.

To develop and support staff, we provide:

  • Comprehensive training opportunities. 
  • Staff Personal Development Plans.
  • Targets for Accredited Learning and SVQ Qualifications.
  • Supervision & Performance Appraisals.

To seek new opportunities for organisational development towards continuous improvement we will:

  • Constantly evaluate current service-provision and seek feedback from supported people, staff and families/carers, and periodically check on best practice nationally and internationally within a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Promote evolutionary, innovative services. 
  • Recognise and utilise staff and supported peoples’ unique strengths and abilities.
  • Produce publicity materials that show the work of Aspire.