About Aspire

Our Vision and Values

Aspire is committed to working with people from a core-values base that underpins all of our activities.

  • Each person has the right to receive respect for, and consideration of, their own individual qualities and diverse backgrounds – social, cultural, ethnic and religious.
  • Each person shares the same universal needs for somewhere to live, to have meaningful relationships and purposeful activities.
  • We are committed to working in partnership alongside people, assisting them to maintain any existing positive and supportive relationships with family and friends and increase opportunities for establishing new ones.
  • Each person has the right to lead a full, socially valued and inter-dependent life within his or her community. This includes the right to employment opportunities.
  • We believe in encouraging people to gain confidence, self-respect and practical skills in maintaining a healthy and safe lifestyle to enable them to take as much control over their lives as possible, including real decision-making powers in shaping the services provided in respect of them.
  • We recognise the importance of providing flexible support services which evolve in accordance with the changing needs and aspirations of each person.