About Aspire


Aspire staff work together and agree the detail of a Support and Development Agreement with each person and their significant others. This covers each person’s unique needs for both Support and Personal Development to help them to realise their potential. It is a contractual arrangement whereby the person's Agreement is required in respect of any interventions that might be made by Aspire staff working in partnership with the person and other agencies who may be involved. There are different versions of the SDA tailored to different types of Aspire’s services.  Each person’s Support and Development Agreement is unique to them and the person is kept at the centre of all decision making.

A person does not need to be without a roof over their head and sleeping rough to be “homeless”.

  • Some people are staying temporarily with friends or family or it may be that the accommodation they have is unsuitable or even potentially harmful.
  • In some instances the person may not have any rights to stay in the place in which they are living or it may be sub-standard or overcrowded.
  • If it isn't possible for a family to live together in accommodation because it is too small; there are restrictions on who can live there or the property is not suitable for someone with mobility problems then they would be classed as homeless.

All referrals to Aspire for support are received via Social Work or Case Worker teams.

Once a person has entered into a Support and Development Agreement with Aspire they will receive regular visits from the member of staff who will help them gain the knowledge and skills they require to maintain a tenancy and a healthy lifestyle and identify goals and aspirations for their own progress.

The staff will provide advice about;

  • housing and maintaining a tenancy
  • finances and budgeting
  • benefits
  • personal care and social skills
  • accessing medical care, welfare information and legal advice as required
  • Staff will also accompany the individual to meetings and interviews if required.

Homelessness is not selective about the lives it impacts on and can affect all ages and social Groups including young people, older people, children and families, people with mental health issues, people with learning disabilities or physical disabilities and people with addiction issues.

Key Contacts

If you want to know more about our services for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless please contact:

Una Munro, Emergency Accommodation - umunro@aspireinc.co.uk