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Older Peoples Services

The risk of age-related conditions such as dementia, arthritis and mobility problems increases and family carers become responsible for a variety of tasks from shopping, cooking and cleaning to personal care such as bathing and dressing.

Aspire staff work together with the person, their family and other agencies to identify and agree care needs, social needs and whenever possible goals and aspirations to maintain the person's meaningful sense of self-direction and involvement within their family and community.

Getting help can be a huge issue for carers as they may have difficulty admitting they require assistance, don’t want to feel indebted to others; don’t want someone else in their home or just cannot see how others could help. Whilst carers develop a closer relationship with their loved one, the demands of the role can sometimes lead to feelings of resentment, anger and frustration on both sides of their relationship.

Aspire staff are very aware of the pressures and issues faced by the families of the people we support. Carers require support and advice to enable them to continue with their caring role and maintain an appropriate and acceptable standard of life and opportunities for themselves. Aspire can and does assist by offering support which can act as a much needed respite for those carers who are often exhausted by their caring role.

Older people can also be affected by homelessness, disabilities, loneliness, addictions and mental health issues.

The death of a spouse can lead quickly to a variety of problems that the older person may struggle with and rapidly find themselves in difficulty.


Key contacts

If you want to know more about our services for older people please contact:

Gail McKinnon: gmckinnon@aspireinc.co.uk