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Care at Home Services

Whilst we provide these services, we are working with Local Authorities to move away from the traditional time and task commissioning of these types of supports which don’t often allow for conversation or rehabilitation and can make people less independent and feel more isolated and lonely.

We believe that everyone should be supported to do the most they can for themselves, to empower and support people no matter how small the task might seem.  It means a different way of investing the same monies but we believe this creates better outcomes for people and improves quality of life.

Aspire supports people from all age groups, who may be affected from any of the following:

·  Older people/Older people with dementia

·  Physical Disabilities

·  Learning Disabilities

·  Children and Families

·  Mental Health

·  And others who are assessed as requiring a service.

If you think this service could assist you please contact us. We will be pleased to help.