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Self-Directed Support Services

Aspire provides personalised developmental supports to individuals of all ages via Self Directed Support.  This enables individuals and families to create a support plan that helps the individuals and families to be as involved in their communities as possible, living their best lives and improving quality of life for all.

Staff in Aspire assist individuals and their families to recognise and effectively use the resources available to them. We encourage self-empowerment and jointly create and implement agreed support plans.

Individual developmental support plans are established to meet the person's outcomes - with the individual's views being at the centre of any decisions made.

Aspire will promote positive changes in people's lives. With a dedicated Support team we will enable the individual to live a more fulfilled life.

Aspire is an approved provider and receives referrals from Social Work Departments however, anyone can enter into a private arrangement to directly access an individually designed Aspire service.

If you think this service could assist you please contact us. We will be pleased to help.


If you wish to find out more please contact Dawn Dempsey.

Tel: 01698 211120 or email: ddempsey@aspireinc.co.uk