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Learning & Development

At Aspire we recognise that staff require ongoing learning and development opportunities in order to further develop existing and new knowledge and skills. We believe that continuous development is of paramount importance and have therefore developed a range of opportunities which build on induction.

All learning and development opportunities are designed to complement and prepare staff for SVQ qualifications. After successful completion of induction and satisfactory performance in our employment, staff are eligible for access to SVQ places, which we source from an accredited SQA centre.

Induction and Training

Our staff receive induction and ongoing training which cover the values and skills required to meet individual, service and organisational expectations and also enhances individual staff Members’ knowledge, capabilities and confidence.

(During the pandemic online training is being provided with full support from the L&D Facilitator Cameron (Cammei) Gilchrist.

Testimonials [following Oct/Nov 2020] induction include: 

This [induction] left me in no doubt that this company is willing to invest in me. A great and lasting first impression, even if it did take more effort, it was worth it, and Cammei was there to keep you wanting to work at it and do better.

I give Aspire a 5 for investing in me and giving me a dedicated teacher to train me and help me feel like a part of the company. Someone, I can, and have, reached, when I needed help or advice. I have a name and I am not a number. This company is not just Lip Service.

This [induction] course has been informative and the videos have generally been engaging. Classroom and social interactions such as group discussions are valuable but other than this missing piece, it has been good to work through the course at my own pace and at my leisure.

I had some problems as had not used google classroom before and not used to working with computer programmes but it was a learning process.

I couldn't fault any of it, Cammei was so helpful and full of knowledge that put me at ease always whilst on zoom.

Face to face training would've been great but feel that I gained so much from Cammei and looking forward to more training.

I have been very impressed with the training with Cameron, [L&D Facilitator], and I have to admit I have worked with several companies and I can honestly say even though online this has been the best and most in depth training I have had for a core induction.

Staff support and development

Aspire ensures that each Member of staff receives regular 1 to 1 meetings with their line manager in which they have the opportunity to acknowledge achievements, identify any problems or challenges, prepare personal development plans, plan action together and improve motivation for improved individual and team performance.


Staff participate in an initial 3 month appraisal followed by annual appraisals with their line manager. The aim of the appraisal is to help maintain and improve individual job performance, realise staff potential and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation.

Within the appraisal the staff Member and manager will assess past performance, establish current performance and set objectives to maintain and improve future performance. Staff are supported and encouraged to participate in a range of activities and learning opportunities which will assist their ongoing development.